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Logging Insurance

Your industry is vital to the American Economy. It is your tireless work and commitment that creates the roof over our heads and the floor underneath our feet. Without the Logging industry, the American way of life would look very different. We know logging, and we have been providing tailored insurance solutions for Loggers for over 20 years.

  • Business Auto Insurance

  • Commercial Umbrella

  • Crime Coverage

  • Equipment Insurance

  • General Liability Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Workers Compesnation Insurance

You deserve an agent that really understands your industry and its needs.  We’ve met people selling insurance to loggers who couldn’t tell a loader from a skidder, or figure out how to compute payroll by the ton.  Who might not know all the risks you take, and how to protect you from them.  We do understand, and we’ll ask the right questions and to make sure you have the right policies.

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