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We wish you a world where nothing bad happens. But we also know that sooner or later, it will – and that’s when your insurance steps in, to restore your world as quickly and completely as possible.

When that occurs, you often have two options: to contact your agent (that’s us!), or your insurance company. Here are a few tips to get your claim started in the right direction:

Contacting your insurance company

Most claims are straightforward, and you can contact your insurance company directly to report the claim and get it started. Among the advantages of doing so are:


  • The company can start handling the claim immediately, leading to a quicker settlement.

  • The claims office can ask you questions and gather all the information they need upfront, also speeding up the process.

  • Many companies offer 24-hour phone lines.


Contacting Carolina Insurance Group

If you have questions, about what to expect or perhaps even whether to file a claim, you contact us directly, through your agent or call our main office at 803-951-3351.

For companies not listed above, contact us and we’ll get the claim started. For Workers Compensation claims, we’ll have a specific form for you to complete, to start the claim.

Will filing a claim affect your future premiums?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question – it varies greatly, by type of
policy, and by the nature of the claim. If you have a relatively small claim and are
unsure whether you want to file it, contact us; we can help you weigh the pros
and cons of doing so.

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